Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by loving, engaging and serving our neighbors.

Whats' Happening at GUMC

Church Clean Up Day Cancelled Because of the Heat
Because of tbe heat we are cancelling the Church clean up day that was scheduled for this Saturday the 22nd. We'll reschedule once the heat dies down.

Volunteers Needed
We need volunteers to help with this summers Vacation Bible School. Contact Amy Dvorak if you can help at

Email List
We are currently updating our email list. Please share with us your current email address that you would like us to communicate with you through. We would appreciate knowing any other changes also. The weekly Crosspoints will continue to be emailed and now we will be adding the monthly CrossTalk through the Constant Contact email service also. (IF you don’t have an email there will be copies of our monthly newsletter available in the “Information Center” kiosk, outside the worship areas) Please call the church office to add your email or to make any changes.

Vaction Bible School is Comimg
Vactaion Bible School 2024 will be held July 28th through Auguat 1st from 6-8 PM. For more information or to register your child now please Click Here.

A Message From The Choir Director
Our choir still needs singers. Even though this season is over we are looking for people to join us when we start back up in September. If you like to sing, we'd love to have you. So if you sing in the car, or sing in the shower, come simg for the Lord! Contact me with any questions at 330-256-3462 or shoot an email to Please consider joining us in making a joyful noise through music! Thanks and God bless. Brian Lawson Choir Director.

Coffee and Conversation
Join us Sunday Mornings at 10 am in Fellowship Hall for a community built around conversation, this provides an opportunity to talk with others of all ages about the scripture and lesson of the day. Bring your morning beverage with you—any one is welcome.