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God communicates with us through the Holy Spirit, in the form of good thoughts and ideas or peaceful, comforting feelings. When we feel those things, it means God is encouraging us, showing us truth, and giving us direction.

Everyone will feel the Holy Spirit in their own way. In the Bible, it’s often described as a “still small voice,” (see 1 Kings 19:11–12) that almost seems to whisper to your mind.

Often, God answers our prayers through others. God can put people into our lives at the right time who can give or be the answer we have been looking for. We can also get answers to prayers by reading what His prophets have taught in the Bible. When we pray and read the Bible, the Holy Spirit can give us personalized ideas and direction.

Taking time to study His word is also a way we can show God that we truly desire an answer from Him.

If you or someone you know is in need, either of prayer or another need, you can send your request to us electronically by using the form below.
The information shared will be sent to both our Pastor, who can contact you back, and our prayer chain where members of our congregation will pray for you throughout the week, not only on Sunday mornings.
None of the information on the prayer request form below is required, so you can remain anonymous

You may also contact the church office by phone at 330-896-1936, fax at 330-896-9880 or email at

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